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Treasures of SG Magnet – Merlion & Water Spout

Treasures of SG Magnet – Merlion & Water Spout

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Treasures of Singapore


Merlion - A Singapore icon, the Merlion is mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. The body symbolises Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, meaning 'sea town' in Old Javanese. Its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, or ‘lion city’ in Malay.

Spouting water from its mouth, the Merlion statue stands tall at 8.6 metres and weighs 70 tonnes. Built by local craftsman Lim Nang Seng, it was unveiled on 15 September 1972.

Set of 2 Magnet Dimensions:
Merlion - 4.6 cm (h) x 4 cm (w)
Water Spout - 3.4 cm (h) x 3.4 cm (w)

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